Peptide synthesis customization

     Peptide is a kind of organism with a variety of cell functions are related to the biological activity material, its molecular structure between amino acids and protein, is made up of many kinds of amino acids according to certain order based on the combination of peptide bonds in the compound peptide is involved in various cellular functions of the body the floorboard of the bioactive substances, and is often used in functional analysis antibody research especially in drug research and development and other fields.

     Peptide synthesis customization refers to a kind of artificial peptide synthesis service, according to the needs of customers, such as sequence of different requirements such as molecular weight, purity process synthesis meet the specific needs of the molecular weight of peptide synthesis services through the mass spectrometer confirmed that determine the crude products of MS is whether or not, raw and then high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) by HPLC purification, get fine peptide according to different experim.


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